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Witches Cabinet (Large 16oz)

Witches Cabinet (Large 16oz)

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Witches Cabinet (Large 16oz)

I love this creation and I hope you all love it as well! It is supposed to represent a Witches cabinet, home, and lifestyle.

This candle will come with a random 1 of 6 different 2" crystals. It will be either rose quartz, amethyst, clear crystal quartz, black obsidian, green fluorite, lapis lazuli or rainbow fluorite. They will be picked at random, you can not choose which one you get. They are REAL crystal tower/wands.

This candle also has a mini "Prosperity spell jar" It has basil, cinnamon, rosemary, citrine stone chips, sea shells & lavender.

It also has citrine and amethyst stone, dried rosemary, lavender, rosebud & white sage.

Intentions: To pull out inner power, strength, intention, self growth & self understanding.

Ingredients: Soy wax, scent, rosemary, lavender, rose bug, white sage.

Scent: Lime, basil, mandarin.

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