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Hex Your Ex (Lar Jar 18oz)

Hex Your Ex (Lar Jar 18oz)

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Hex Your Ex (Large Jar 18oz))

*THIS CANDLE IS NOT MEANT TO HARM ANYONE OR ANYTHING. The name is meant to be silly and fun. This candle is full of GOOD Intentions for self love and healing*

Lava Stone: Give courage & strength, provide guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to bounce back from harm or heartbreak.
Rose Quartz: Self love, deep inner healing
Amethyst: Protection.
Clear Crystal Quartz: Healing & cleansing.
White Agate: Heal frustration, anxiety & releasing traumas.
Cord cut in half: For cutting the bond between you and what has hurt you.
White sage: For cleansing.

Scent: White Sage.

Wax: Soy.

Weights are approximate. All candles are hand poured and contain various natural crystals, stones, herbs, and other decorative items, and each candle is individual in its appearance and weight.
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