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Chakra Energy (Mason Jar 16oz)

Chakra Energy (Mason Jar 16oz)

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Chakra Energy Candle

Intentions: To keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

Scent: Sun & Sand (Bright, summery blend of fresh breeze and sun tan oil)

Ingredients: Soy wax, candle dye, scent.

Chakra Meaning:

Red: Root Chakra- Safety & Stability.
Orange: Sacral Chakra- Joy, Sensation, Emotion.
Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra- Will & Power.
Green: Heart Chakra- Relationships & Love.
Blue- Throat Chakra- Expression & Communication.
Indigo- 3rd Eye Chakra- Clarity & Wisdom.
Violet- Crown- Enlightenment, Spirituality & Consciousness.

Weights are approximate. All candles are hand poured and contain various natural crystals, stones, herbs, and other decorative items, and each candle is individual in its appearance and weight.
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