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Bottled Magic Room Sprays (4oz)

Bottled Magic Room Sprays (4oz)

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Bottled Magic Room Sprays. Freshening and scenting any room. Easy to use Room and Linen base. Great for misting on linens, in rooms, bathroom, car, house, pet bedding, cloth in dryer, etc

Calming & Cleansing:  Fresh wonderful fragrance of the eucalyptus leaf & white sage. With clear crystal quartz & rainbow fluorite.

Love & Passion: Wild Fig pure juicy figs with earthy and nutty notes. With rose quartz & strawberry quartz.

Peace, Forgiveness & Protection: Driftwood & Sea Salt a captivating blend of saltwater and an intriguing combination of exotic driftwood. With Amazonite.

Self Love, Self worth, Self esteem: White pear & fig a fresh scent of a juicy pear with top notes of luscious figs. With Tiger eye.

Money & Luck; Mayan Gold a unique blend of exotic woods, fruits and spices including patchouli, sandalwood, clary sage, orange and grapefruit. With citrine.

Grounding, Stability & Manifestation: Olive Branch this beautiful LUSH type fragrance oil is an herbaceous, floral and earthy scent highlighted with notes of lemon and orange, and just a light hint of vanilla. With red jasper & black obsidian. 

Cannot be used directly on skin.


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